Rhapsody non-GMO natto made from small soybeans

Non-GMO Natto (small soybeans)


This variety is made by fermenting small soybeans using bacillus subtillis culture. Most traditional natto sold in the US is made with small soybeans; that’s how we know natto. As we currently cannot find any growers for organic small soybeans we opted to make it anyway, but making sure that our beans are¬† third party certified non-GMO (non-Genetically Modified Organism).

Try both our nattos to find out which you prefer, or, indeed, maybe you like both.

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Product Description

Ingredients: non-GMO soybeans, well water, Bacillus subtillus culture.

Probiotic. Gluten Free. Fermented. Vegan. Low Sodium. High protein.

SHELF LIFE: Keep refrigerated or frozen. Kept refrigerated best consumed¬†by the “Sell by” date on the package, plus a few days. Natto keeps well in the freezer for at least one year. Once thawed best consumed within a few weeks.

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Nutrition Facts

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