Rhapsody certified organic natto made from large soybeans

Organic Natto (large soybeans)


Rhapsody Certified Organic Natto is made by fermenting large organic soybeans using the bacillus subtillis culture. Although 80% of all natto sold in Japan is made from the small soybeans, many find the large beans more satisfying to their taste, it being bolder and distinctly flavorful in its own way. See below for more information about natto.

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Product Description

Ingredients: certified organic large soybeans, well water, Bacillus subtillus culture.

Probiotic. Gluten Free. Fermented. Vegan. Low Sodium. High protein.

SHELF LIFE: Keep refrigerated or frozen. Kept refrigerated best consumed┬áby the “Sell by” date on the package, plus a few days. Natto keeps well in the freezer for at least one year. Once thawed best consumed within a few weeks.

Read more about natto.

Nutrition Facts

Nutrition facts for organic large bean natto

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