Organic Amazake Koji (kome koji)

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Ingredients: 100% Lightly polished organic brown rice, Aspergillus oryzae

Keep cool and dry. For long-term storage keep refrigerated or frozen.

To make amazake, rice milk, sake, shio koji.

13 lb Sampler: Try a combination of Rhapsody koji varieties! Specify which varieties you would like in the Notes section at Checkout. If you don’t specify, Rhapsody will send you a combination of koji.

How to Make Amazake

How to Make Rice Milk at Home

Detailed nutrition data about white rice (since Rhapsody koji is slightly polished (5% of the rice removed) instead of fully polished (10% of the rice removed) assume higher vitamin and mineral content. Actual nutrition data is not available at this time.

1 review for Organic Amazake Koji (kome koji)

  1. Ivan

    I love this affordable (especially the 15 lb), excellent-quality koji. I have turned out batch after batch of delicious amazake, sweet miso, and overnight oatmeal breakfasts. Yes, I wax rhapsodic about this product! 🙂

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