Organic Rice Milk

Rhapsody certified organic fresh rice milk is made by fermenting rice with koji, a culture that breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple sugars. It has a gentle sweetness and is easy to digest. It is a fresh product and needs to be refrigerated.

We have discontinued our rice milk to focus our attention on making koji, a key ingredient of rice milk.

We encourage all our rice milk fans to try to make it yourself. It is easy once you understand the basics. Here’s how to do it.

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How to Make Rice Milk

Making it only once will take away the mystique around it and make you confident enough to do it more often. It is simple and easy. So give it a try!  Koji you can buy here.

Tools needed:
Medium pot with lid
Double boiler or large pot with lid
Probe thermometer
Flame diffusers
Blender (optional)
3 Mason jars with lids
(Note: do not use aluminum pots or tools)

2 cups organic brown rice
3 cups water to cook the rice
Pinch of sea salt
1/2 cup Rhapsody amazake koji (use more to increase sweetness)
Additional 5-6 cups water to dilute to consistency of milk

Soak grain overnight to reduce phytic acid content (skip when using white rice). Discard soaking water. Bring water, rice, and salt to a boil. Simmer covered for 50 minutes.

Let grain cool down to 135⁰F. Add koji and stir well. Cover. Insert the pot with koji and rice mixture in the large pot with water (double boiler style) that’s between 135⁰F and 140⁰F. Use a thermometer to be able to control the fermentation process closely. Above 140⁰F the koji will get killed, so that’s a critical temperature to stay below. Slip several flame diffusers under the double boiler, to maintain the water bath at the right temperature on a low flame. This is the trickiest part of it all, but once you have figured out what the right number of diffusers is and the setting of your stove, not much can go wrong. We use a cast iron skillet with two diffusers on the smallest burner turned down to its lowest setting.
When doing this for the first time, start in the morning so you can keep an eye on the temperature. Once you know how to keep the temperature constant (within the range of 125⁰⁰F to 139⁰F), make it in the evening and have a tasty pot of concentrated rice milk concentrate ready for you the next morning.

Check temperature of water bath regularly in the beginning to get the temperature right. You can adjust the temperature by the number of flame diffusers.

Let the mixture sit overnight (8-12 hours). Stir occasionally. Speed up the fermentation to only 2 or 3 hours by running the mixture through a blender first.

Fermentation is done when the slurry smells nice and tastes sweet. Add water to dilute to the consistency of milk.Cool it down quickly and consume within a few days or bring to a boil to stop the fermentation process to prevent souring; stir often to prevent burning. Blend until smooth if desired and pour in a mason jar while boiling hot. (Rinse jar with hot water to prevent the glass from cracking.)

To make real smooth rice milk, strain through a cheese cloth. Bring to a boil and also bottle hot. Refrigerate when cool.

Unopened rice milk lasts for at least 4 months when refrigerated.