Commercial Accounts

We have relationships with an expanding number of distributors to get our products to you. You can contact them directly to get our products:

  • Black River Produce (VT, and parts of NH and MA)
  • Associated Buyers (New England)
  • Farmers-To-You (Boston)
  • Food Connects (VT, NH, Western Mass)
  • Pumpkin Village Foods (VT, NYC)
  • Myers Produce (VT, MA, NYC).

We can also ship to you via USPS, UPS, or our own delivery service in central Vermont.

In Vermont, we deliver every Tuesday along either the Cabot-Burlington or Montpelier-St. Johnsbury/Lyndonville corridors. You can also arrange to pick up our product at our facility in Cabot.

To set up a business account and get pricing please give us a call at 802-563-2172. We do not require a minimum order but recommend consolidating orders to make shipping more economical.

“I highly recommend Rhapsody Natural Foods’ natto. Being Japanese myself and growing up with natto, I know how good natto should taste.”

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“I love this mochi. I make little slices and fried them up in the pan. I add a little bit of maple of syrup. It’s mochi pancakes!”

“This is the best Tempeh I’ve ever had. It’s soft and flavorful. Yes! I didn’t think I would say this about Tempeh ever. I will not be buying any other kind ever.”

“We love your Nuka. Thank you so much for what you do.”

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“I am blown away by the quality of your products. One of the most exciting moments of my day was digging into all of these foods, some of which I hadn’t had in twenty years since my exchange year in Japan. My friend recommended your products and I’ll recommend them to others!”

“We love this tempeh! We aren’t usually big tempeh fans, but everyone in our family, from 12 to 60, loves this tempeh. We fry it up and serve hot for dinner, and if there’s any leftovers we put them in sandwiches and quesadillas for lunch the next day.”

“Such a good value for the best tempeh I’ve tried!”