Frequently Asked Questions

About Ordering

How can I place an order?

The easiest way to order our products is online. You can pay with your credit card or PayPal account using PayPal’s secure website. If you prefer, you can also call us on Monday until noon (EST), Thursday or Friday 9-5 (EST) at 802-563-2172 to place your order. Phone orders are only taken these days as we’re in the office then processing orders.

Important Shipping Information

Shipping Charges: All shipping charges through our online ordering system are ESTIMATES. This will be adjusted to the ACTUAL shipping charges and you will be refunded if there is a difference. Please email us at  if you have any questions!

For UPS 2nd Day Air shipping, please call (802-563-2172) for a quote prior to ordering.

Order Deadline: To ensure that your order is processed promptly, please place your order by 11pm (EST) on Sunday at the latest to be sent on Monday.

Shipping Time: We ship from Cabot, Vermont on Mondays only. As most of the items we ship are perishable we do this to ensure that your order gets to you before the end of the work week at the latest.

Deliveries to Post Office Boxes: make sure to pick up your order immediately when it arrives at your post office and refrigerate it promptly; do not delay pick up or ship to a PO Box if you cannot pick it up the day it arrives.

Shipping Carriers: We ship using UPS (United Parcel Service) and USPS (United States Postal Service).

Shipping Perishables: Although we ship some of our products frozen, due to the perishable nature of our products we cannot guarantee the condition in which they arrive. We do not take responsibility for spoilage during shipping. If you are concerned about this please choose a faster shipping option. For UPS 2nd Day Air shipping, please call (802-563-2172) for a quote prior to ordering.

Call (802-563-2172) or email () us when you are unsure what to do; we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Payment: You can order and pay for our products online with your credit card or PayPal account using PayPal’s secure website or call us at 802-563-2172.

Multi-unit Dwellings and Urban Areas: If the recipient delivery address is destined to a multi-unit dwelling such as a condominium or apartment complex or urban area, please be aware the package may not be released in certain markets.  We wouldn’t want the shipment to spoil, be damaged or stolen.  A good option to avoid a delivery exception is to ship to your work address, or have us ship to the FedEx pick-up center near you.

Multi-unit Dwellings (single door): Please note that shipments destined to multi-unit dwellings with a single door leading to multiple units may not be released and could require a signature or a signed door tag after the initial delivery attempt.  A good option here also to avoid a delivery exception is to ship to your work address, or have us ship to the FedEx pick-up center near you.

How do you keep my food cold during shipping?

We are committed to properly packing our products so they stay cold while they are shipped. The Arctic Thermal insulation in our packages is made from 95% recycled plastic and is essential for keeping your orders cold during transit. 

All our perishable foods are packed, either cold or frozen, in insulated boxes with ice packs. If your order is on the road for several days and arrives with an exhausted ice packs, please be aware that products have been frozen or cold for the majority of the trip and should be safe to consume. Either way, be sure to place your order in the refrigerator as soon as possible once it arrives. Please contact us if you have any questions or doubts about your product temperature.

How is my order shipped and when can I expect to receive my order?

We ship all orders from Cabot, Vermont on Mondays only using UPS or United States Postal Service Priority Mail. We ship on Mondays because most of our products are perishable and we want your order to arrive by the end of the workweek at the latest. To ensure that your order is processed promptly, please place your order by 11:00 p.m. EST on Sunday so it can be sent on Monday. 

What if my order is shipped to and held at my Post Office?

Keep track of your shipment and be aware of your order’s arrival date as your order is perishable and requires immediate pickup and refrigeration. Action on your part is required; you don’t want to let your package sit at your Post Office overnight.

What if I am shipping to an address that is not secure?

If you do not have a secure location to receive packages and your package needs a signature, please indicate so on your order. 

How can I save money on shipping costs?

Since most of our products can be frozen, consider buying larger quantities of each and storing them in your freezer. We can ship multiple cases of product in one box if you live in an area that ships via UPS. Ordering several cases at once saves you considerable money on shipping costs.

How can I set up a commercial account?

We have relationships with 4 distributors to get our products to you. You can contact them directly to get our products: Black River Produce (VT, and parts of NH and MA), Associated Buyers (New England),  Farmers-To-You (Boston), Farm to People (NYC), Pumpkin Village Foods (NYC), FoodConnects (VT), Myers Produce (VT, MA, NYC), and Garden Spot (PA).

We can also ship to you via UPS or our own delivery service in central Vermont.

In Vermont we deliver every Tuesday along either the Cabot-Burlington or Montpelier-St. Johnsbury/Lyndonville  corridors. You can also arrange to pick-up our product at our facility in Cabot.

To set up a business account and get pricing please give us a call at 802-563-2172. We do not require a minimum order, but recommend consolidating orders to make shipping more economical.

About Rhapsody Products

Do Rhapsody products contain gluten?

None of our products contain gluten. 

Are Rhapsody products organic?

Rhapsody Natural Foods is a certified organic producer. Our facility is inspected annually and certified organic by Vermont Organic Farmers, Vermont’s certifying agency.

All our products are certified organic, except our Teriyaki tempeh (all organic ingredients) and BBQ tempeh (the natural hickory smoke is natural and the only ingredient not organic), which are not certified.

Why are we certified organic? Watch this video on why Organic Matters.

Are Rhapsody products certified Kosher?

Yes! All of our products are certified Kosher by OK Kosher Certification. Click here to see our certificate.

Do you use any genetically modified ingredients?

No! We use certified organic ingredients, which means they can never be genetically modified. If not organic, like for instance the natural hickory smoke we use for the BBQ tempeh, we make sure to get documents certifying that it is GMO-free.

Can I recycle the plastic bags Rhapsody products are packed in?

Plastics: blessing and bane of our society! (We’re absolutely open to alternatives and suggestions are welcomed.) But Yes, all our plastic bags, plain or printed, are made from polyethylene which can be recycled and brought to your recycling center, if they take it. Our miso is packed in a recyclable glass jar with a recyclable metal lid.

Looking for Information on Specific Rhapsody Products?

“I am blown away by the quality of your products. One of the most exciting moments of my day was digging into all of these foods, some of which I hadn’t had in twenty years since my exchange year in Japan. My friend recommended your products and I’ll recommend them to others!”

“I love this mochi. I make little slices and fried them up in the pan. I add a little bit of maple of syrup. It’s mochi pancakes!”

“We eat Rhapsody tempeh every day. We love it!”

“This is the best Tempeh I’ve ever had. It’s soft and flavorful. Yes! I didn’t think I would say this about Tempeh ever. I will not be buying any other kind ever.”

“We love your Nuka. Thank you so much for what you do.”

“Buy it…eat it…I highly recommend it to everyone.”

“I highly recommend Rhapsody Natural Foods’ natto. Being Japanese myself and growing up with natto, I know how good natto should taste.”

“We love this tempeh! We aren’t usually big tempeh fans, but everyone in our family, from 12 to 60, loves this tempeh. We fry it up and serve hot for dinner, and if there’s any leftovers we put them in sandwiches and quesadillas for lunch the next day.”

“Such a good value for the best tempeh I’ve tried!”