The Power of Fermented Foods

Our team at Rhapsody Natural Foods is on a mission to produce high-quality, organic, traditional plant-based foods that celebrate the magic of fermentation, the nutritional value of probiotics, and the power of simple foods.

We’ve eaten fermented foods for decades and raised our children and grandchildren on our products. Whether we’re enjoying hot miso soup in the winter or natto on chilled noodles, our family has a deep appreciation for these dishes. We’ve personally experienced the health benefits of foods like tempeh, mochi, natto, miso, and koji and are excited to share these wonderful, timeless foods with you.

Red Miso

You can find fermented foods in many cultures around the world. The process of fermentation transforms previously indigestible or hard-to-digest foods (like soybeans) into tasty and healthy meals (like tempeh). This process creates new food sources for many people, while also improving the functioning of our bodies. Fermented foods contain beneficial probiotics that aid digestion, support the immune system, and help your body absorb nutrients and minerals more easily. Eating fermented foods is a smart addition to your diet that also helps you feel your best!

The foods we make at Rhapsody are staples of Japanese and Indonesian diets. We want you to get to know these foods and experience the value of these traditional dietary practices. We are dedicated to spreading a love of Southeast Asian fermented foods throughout the West. And it all starts in the rolling hills of Vermont, where all of our Rhapsody products are made. 

Whether these products are familiar to you or not, we’re here to teach you the general benefits of fermented foods and foster an appreciation for the specific products we love so much.

Everything we do is part of promoting a sustainable, regenerative food system.

Rhapsody production facility & rice paddy

Local Ingredients

We source our ingredients locally and regionally whenever possible. Our certified organic soybeans for tempeh, miso, and large bean natto are all sourced from Canada, while our certified organic small natto soybeans come from family farms in the central United States.

Rhapsody vision

Organic Ingredients

We never source genetically modified ingredients and most of our products are certified organic either by the Vermont Organic Farmers or other organic certifiers.

Ingredients are the foundation of our products and where they come from matters.

“I am blown away by the quality of your products. One of the most exciting moments of my day was digging into all of these foods, some of which I hadn’t had in twenty years since my exchange year in Japan. My friend recommended your products and I’ll recommend them to others!”

“Buy it…eat it…I highly recommend it to everyone.”

“We love your Nuka. Thank you so much for what you do.”

“We eat Rhapsody tempeh every day. We love it!”

“I love this mochi. I make little slices and fried them up in the pan. I add a little bit of maple of syrup. It’s mochi pancakes!”

“This is the best Tempeh I’ve ever had. It’s soft and flavorful. Yes! I didn’t think I would say this about Tempeh ever. I will not be buying any other kind ever.”

“I highly recommend Rhapsody Natural Foods’ natto. Being Japanese myself and growing up with natto, I know how good natto should taste.”

“We love this tempeh! We aren’t usually big tempeh fans, but everyone in our family, from 12 to 60, loves this tempeh. We fry it up and serve hot for dinner, and if there’s any leftovers we put them in sandwiches and quesadillas for lunch the next day.”

“Such a good value for the best tempeh I’ve tried!”