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Mochi is a traditional Japanese pasty rice cake. Mochi’s sticky-chewy texture comes from the special glutinous (or sweet) rice variety used to make it. Mochi has a mild natural sweetness and is a very nourishing food. Enjoy it, as in Japan, as a delicious wholesome snack or addition to any meal. Rhapsody Mochi is certified organic.

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12 oz. Case of 10. $50 per case
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Ingredients: certified organic sweet brown rice, deep well water, sea salt.

Non-GMO, Gluten-free. Low Sodium, No cholesterol. Vegan. Kosher.

Keep refrigerated or frozen.

For centuries, mochi has been the centerpiece of annual celebrations and rituals, to bring luck and happiness. Nowadays mochi is mostly sold in Japan sweetened and in all kinds of colorful varieties and shapes in confectioneries. Plain mochi is eaten as a strengthening food—to help heal imbalances of the blood, induce mother’s milk, and guard against anemia—and gives overall stamina especially during the cold winter months. Makes a great quick breakfast, too!


Stove top: cut the mochi in 1/2” slices, lightly oil a skillet, and fry on low heat for 4 minutes each on both sides or until soft and crusty.

Toaster oven: bake in a toaster oven on a solid sheet, set at medium heat until soft.

Waffle iron: cut and oil 1/2” slices and bake at medium heat in waffle iron until crisp.

Serve hot as is, topped with soysauce, umepaste, maple syrup, jam, or Rhapsody Natto, Miso, or Teriyaki Tempeh or BBQ Tempeh. Particularly nice with a dip of soy sauce, ginger, rice vinegar and sweetener. You can also add mochi to soup at the last minute, or boiled along with the other ingredients to create a creamy consistency.



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