Organic Natto


Weight: 3.5 oz, sold as a case of 12

Ingredients: certified organic soybeans, well water, Bacillus subtilis culture. Kosher. 

This variety is made by fermenting small soybeans using Bacillus subtilis natto culture. Most traditional natto sold in the US is made with small soybeans; that’s how we know natto. We are happy to report that we found certified organic natto soybeans. This means that as of December 1, 2020, all Rhapsody natto is made from certified organic, including the Small Bean Natto.

Try both our nattos to find out which you prefer, or, indeed, maybe you like both. Probiotic. Gluten-Free. Fermented. Vegan. Low Sodium. High protein.

Shelf Life: Keep refrigerated or frozen. Kept refrigerated best consumed by the “Best By” date on the package, plus a few days. Natto keeps well in the freezer for at least one year. Once thawed best consumed within a few weeks.

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    My friend lets me try it’s very good

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    I like to try another product

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    Purchased on Amazon, but much cheaper here. I love natto. Have eaten it with my father in a Japanese household since I was.a.child. I like it with just salt and a dab of mustard but, if I want to be fancy I add some finely sliced green onion grated daikon and a dash of meme

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