Where to buy Rhapsody products in New York City and Philadelphia

May 25 2017 by Sjon Welters  |  9 comments

Thanks to Pumpkin Village Foods we’re available at the following stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn:

Commodities Natural Market, 165 1st Ave, Manhattan – (212) 260-2600

Lifethyme, 410 6th Ave, Manhattan – (212) 420-9099

Green Hill Coop, 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn – (206) 383-8624

Perelandra, 175 Remsen Street, Brooklyn – (718) 855-6068

The Garden, 912 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn – (718) 389-6448

Essene Market & Cafe, 719 S 4th St, Philadelphia – (215) 922-1146
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9 comments on ... Where to buy Rhapsody products in New York City and Philadelphia

  1. Nancy Rued says:

    I live in Pittsburgh, PA region, and am looking to purchase already-made Amazake Shakes (I heard that a company called Grainaissance used to make it). Do you have any idea where I can find such products? No luck online. Thanks for whatever help you can provide!

  2. Helen says:

    I heard you mention on your radio show today that you are coming to Phila. When? I cannot find it online. Thanks.

    • Madelief Becherer says:

      Hi there! Not sure which radio show you are referring to, as we do not have a plan to come to Philadelphia 🙂 We ship via our website and sell to Essene Market and Cafe in Philadelphia, so you can find our products there.

  3. ALTAGRACIA says:

    please add my name to your e mail list.

  4. Joanne Goldman says:

    do you have Hijki and Mochi?

    • Sjon Welters says:

      Thanks for your inquiry, No we do not make mochi at this time and we do not sell hijki.

    • Seth says:

      Hi Joanne – not sure if you get this directly – but the Rhapsody team does now make Mochi!

      It’s available at the Garden in Greenpoint and also Lifethyme Natural Market on 6th Ave in NYC!

      Seth – Pumpkin Village Foods

    • Seth says:

      Mochi from Rhapsody is now available at The Garden in Greenpoint and Lifethyme on 6th Ave. in Manhattan. It’s in the freezer!

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