Why Natto?

Jun 01 2016 by Sjon Welters  |  10 comments

We’re getting a lot of interest in natto, our latest and newest addition to our line of traditional fermented soyfoods. This one can be a lifesaver for many reasons, but the main one at the top of the list below, is for its nattokinase content.Sticky stringy Rhapsody natto

Nattokinase, disintegrates blood clots
Natto has the highly beneficial fibrinolytic enzyme nattokinase, which is also known to aid indigestive disorders, especially those caused by antibiotic use.
Nattokinase is essential in proper blood clotting mechanisms and has been suggested to break down the plaque associated with Alzheimer’s disease.
Richest food source of vitamin K2, for strong bones
Vitamin K2 is essential in making sure that the calcium ends up in the bones and not in the vascular system which often happens to improperly absorbed calcium.
Studies also link proper vitamin K2 intake to reduced risk of certain cancers, diabetes, among other benefits.
PQQ, for healthy cell function
Pyrroloquinoline Quinone (PQQ) is an essential nutrient which actively promotes the formation of mitochondria, subunits in cells that are responsible for the healthy functioning  of cells. Studies have found their beneficial role in maintaining memory,
cognitive health, and as a cardio and neuro protective compound. New research have shown natto to be a uniquely high source of PQQ.
Probiotic, for healthy digestive system
Natto is fermented by the Bacillus subtilis bacteria.

This  bacteria can live out it’s whole life cycle in theFresh nattohuman gut, which not all probiotics are capable of, making natto highly effective in creating a healthy digestive system.

High Quality Vegetable Protein
Natto has 10 grams of protein per 2 oz serving.
Dietary changes and the industrialization of food production has lead to deficiencies unimaginable 50 years ago. Fermented foods such as natto, tempeh, miso, sauerkraut, pickles, and so on, play an important part in regaining the health we once took for granted.

Some References:

http://www.jafra.gr.jp (search “natto” for many results).







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10 comments on ... Why Natto?

  1. Mary k. Morgan says:

    Hey, natto just arrived and appears to be just fine. Thanks for resending.

  2. Jon Nelson says:

    Your picture of natto is very impressive! Looks like some great natto.

    Those who don’t live close to a place where you can buy natto or those who would like to experiment with making natto with different kinds of beans and trying various natto recipes may be interested in checking out the natto group at:

  3. Ed says:

    Hi Rhapsody Natural Foods!
    My family and I have supported your delicious and nutritious foods since your restaurant in Montpelier. Thank you so much for providing such delicious foods. I really really like your Natto. (And all your products!) Just had some for lunch. Yum! Also, any chance you folks might start selling some t-shirts or hats on your website to help promote your brand?
    Best Regards, Ed

  4. Sue Ribeiro says:

    I have purchased your natto and it’s the best tasting natto I have ever eaten.

  5. Bob MInichiello says:

    I will consider purchasing your product when and if it’s organic.
    Until then I will continue to purchase from current supplier .

    • We’re working on it. We just have to find farmers that will grow them for us. Organic natto soybeans are not currently available in the US, and also not available through a company we work with just over the border in Canada. If you know of anyone who is willing can capable, send them our way!

  6. joya nelissen says:

    Impressive your story about natto,
    I am glad with my daily spoon with natto,
    thanks Joya

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