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Rhapsody Eggroll News!

Rhapsody Eggroll News!
Feb 11 2014 by Madelief Becherer

Rhapsody Eggrolls are about to get even better! We’ve been making them with local organic vegetables, organic high oleic sunflower oil, and chock full of organic ginger and garlic. As of March 1st, they will be wrapped in a local eggroll wrapper as well. We’ve teamed up with Read More

Why We Do What We Do!

soybeans - rhapsody natural fooods
Feb 01 2013 by Madelief Becherer

I’ve been stewing about what I should write about for the first post after launching our new website. Tempeh recipes, Amazake recipes, Rhapsody Restaurant recipes of the past, who are we, what do we do, how do we do it, have all been topics I’ve considered.  For inspiration I was browsing through our photo albums …

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