Rhapsody starting to have its products kosher certified by OK Kosher

Aug 03 2018 by elysha welters  |  8 comments

The past months we have been working on getting our products and facility kosher certified. We are glad to report that all our Rhapsody koji varieties are now Kosher and Certified by OK Kosher, and soon our tempeh will be as well. We will work on getting more of our products certified and let you know.

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8 comments on ... Rhapsody starting to have its products kosher certified by OK Kosher

  1. Rony says:

    do you have Tempa starter?

    Kind regards,


  2. joe says:

    hi, do you make now kosher natto ? do you have kosher natto starter to sell me ?

    • We’ll be making kosher natto by September. We’re just working away our current supply of natto starter. We’re already starting to phase in the kosher starter but not until the change-over is fully completed, will we be kosher.

  3. david fried says:

    we are so overjoyed that your amazing miso and tempeh and mochi are now supervised kosher!
    we live in vermont and while there are a lot of great local crafted foods, not many companies have taken this step. now we can enjoy it along with all our friends and family who keep a kosher diet. we will spread the word.
    thankyou rhapsody people for the gift of your excellent foods and for the ability for us to be able to enjoy them now!

  4. Devora says:

    I have a question regarding your Natto. I am very excited that your product has a Kosher supervision. The problem is that I live in America. Do you also sell a Kosher Natto starter- or does the Natto starter not need to be Kosher. Are you able to give me the Rabbis information who certifies your Natto or can you send him this inquiry. Thank you so much for your time!! I hope to eat your products this summer when I visit America

    • Madelief Becherer says:

      Hi Devora,
      Thank you for your question. Our natto isn’t certified Kosher just yet, we anticipate that it will be in a few months. I don’t believe it is the starter that is the holdup. If you can check back in a few months, we will have more info on the certification process and I can give you more details about the starter. Thank you for your patience, and feel free to reach out to me directly at madelief@rhapsodynaturalfoods with any other specific questions.

    • An update on our natto starter: We’ve found a supplier who is also kosher and we are now testing the starter. If this works out we will have kosher natto in a few months. We’ll keep you posted.

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