Small Bean Natto now organic as well.

Dec 02 2020 by elysha welters  |  2 comments

We are excited to report that as of December 1, 2020, Rhapsody’s Small Bean Natto is Certified Organic. Since we started to make natto in 2014 we made two kinds of natto: traditional natto made from small non-GMO soybeans, and natto made from organic soybeans – they were labeled accordingly. For years we have been searching for the traditional small soybeans, but certified organic, without results. Last year a fellow nattomaker connected us with a source of organic natto beans. After checking out the organic certification we started to use up our supply of beans and ordered these certified organic soybeans which we have been using since mid November 2020. Many thanks, Daniel, for the tip!

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2 comments on ... Small Bean Natto now organic as well.

  1. M. Sundburg says:

    Hi! I just thought I’d add another way to enjoy a Natto that wasn’t on your list that was sent when my order arrived: I love it with coconut amino‘s and brown mustard. Actually, it’s the only way I can eat this healthy food and actually really enjoy it. Thought I’d pass this along. Thanks so much!

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