Although it was 8 below zero this morning.


Cold+Snow=late Spring

Despite the frigid temperatures, it feels like Spring here at Rhapsody. For us at Rhapsody the arrival of Spring means we are emerging out of hibernation. There have been a few fantastic events that we have attended and there are a few more coming up in April. After that it’s full speed ahead in the garden and rice paddy’s

A few weeks ago I went to the NOFA conference and attended a few wonderful workshops on creating a biodiverse garden, storing food, and growing nut trees in Vermont.  During the lunch break I joined a round table discussion on  Agricultural policy on the Federal level and learned a little about what is going on in Washington. It also reminded me of how important our daily purchases and decisions at home are. The daily habits that we practice have a more immediate affect on local, regional and national economies and food systems. Stay tuned for more on that soon. It was a wonderful day and I walked away very inspired to purchase some nut trees, turn our compost and ready to get my hands dirty……… soon as there is some dirt!

Dandelion is the King of Spring!

Dandelion is the King of Spring!

Earlier this week Elysha and I traveled to Boston to take part in the Local Foods Trade Show at Northeastern University hosted by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts. Although to us it didn’t feel so local, they were thrilled to have us. As a city, the definition of local is a little broader than when you live in a rural area like we do. It is always wonderful to be around our customers, let them taste our goodies and get direct feedback. We are a little isolated from our consumers, so it is always reaffirming to hear how folks love our products. Networking is also done best in person. I think we made a few solid contacts and we hope to have our products going to Boston in larger quantities soon (until then, you can always order from Farmers-to-You and get them delivered to you in the Boston area).  Being in the city is always fun for a little while, but watching the landscape change from concrete to snow and trees on our drive home was even better!

Coming up in April we will be heading to two distributor trade shows in Vermont and New Hampshire to reconnect with Buyers from stores. So, if you don’t see our products at your local natural foods store, let someone know you want them and that they can come check out our stuff at the Associated Buyers or Black River Produce Trade shows!

Here’s to a quickly warming Spring! It’s almost time to plant those rice seeds in the greenhouse and get the starts for the garden going. But first, let’s get those Maple trees tapped for some sugaring!