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A Recipe, A Wish, and an Invitation

A Recipe, A Wish, and an Invitation
Jan 09 2019 by elysha welters  |  4 comments

Happy New Year Dear Foodies and Friends!

2018 was like a jar of onion daikon pickles. Delicious, bubbly, slightly spicy, probiotic and health-full. What more could we ask for. Thank you all for your continued support of our family business here in rural Vermont.

As you walk into 2019, whether treading with enthusiasm or slight trepidation, we have …

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Rhapsody starting to have its products kosher certified by OK Kosher

Rhapsody starting to have its products kosher certified by OK Kosher
Aug 03 2018 by elysha welters  |  2 comments

The past months we have been working on getting our products and facility kosher certified. We are glad to report that all our Rhapsody koji varieties are now Kosher and Certified by OK Kosher, and soon our tempeh will be as well. We will work on getting more of our products certified and let you know. Read More

Seven Days VT Story on the benefits of miso and Rhapsody

Feb 02 2018 by elysha welters  |  no comments yet

A great article on miso, its benefits, and Rhapsody miso in particular. Nice story worth checking out:


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Great news coverage for Rhapsody and plant-based protein

Nov 28 2017 by elysha welters  |  no comments yet

Rhapsody got some great news coverage recently at local TV stations WFFF 44 and WVNY 22. The program is part of a series of profile on local food companies in Vermont, and surrounding New York and New Hampshire counties. Local is getting more mainstream and Rhapsody tempeh, miso, and natto definitely got some great exposure.


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Where to buy Rhapsody products in New York City and Philadelphia

May 25 2017 by Sjon Welters  |  7 comments

Thanks to Pumpkin Village Foods we’re available at the following stores in Manhattan and Brooklyn:

Commodities Natural Market, 165 1st Ave, Manhattan – (212) 260-2600

Lifethyme, 410 6th Ave, Manhattan – (212) 420-9099

Green Hill Coop, 18 Putnam Ave, Brooklyn – (206) 383-8624

Perelandra, 175 Remsen Street, Brooklyn – (718) 855-6068

The Garden, 912 Manhattan Ave, Brooklyn – (718) 389-6448

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